• Acid vs alkaline- how to eat an alkalising diet
  • Unbeknown to us, we tend to eat an acid forming diet that can impact on our health. The impact, over time can cause chronic health issues such as bone loss, decreased muscle mass, fatigue and detoxification problems.
  • If the blood and tissue pH is altered even by the smallest amount, it can cause dysfunction of the body’s enzymes in those that are susceptible. This can reduce energy production, reduce the detoxification processes and loss of valuable minerals, through the urine.
  • Acidity can leach minerals out of our bones, as the body tries hard not to compensate for the lack of mineral buffers in the blood(our acid/base balance) when our diet is inadequate. This can result in bone fractures and osteoporosis.
  • Detoxification is a natural daily occurrence in our body. When your body is acidic it may have a negative impact on your liver health, kidneys and metabolic function, by increasing the toxic load these systems have to deal with.
  • Researchers believe that our ancient ancestors ate predominantly alkaline diet, rich in plant matter. These days we tend to eat too much protein, sugar and grains that increase our acid levels in our bodies. We need some education in how to balance our diet by increasing our alkalising vegetable intake to balance our acid/alkaline levels. As we age we are less able to efficiently cope with excessive acid load, this can lead to a state of latent acidosis.
  • Acid forming foods per 100g vary, but consist of Processed cheese 28.7, Trout 10.8, Oats 10.7, rump steak 8.8, eggs 8.2, white bread 3.7 & beer 0.9 to alkalising foods such as coffee -1.4, apples -2.2, red wine -2.4, lemon juice -2.5, bananas -5.5, & spinach -14.0
  • By balancing our diets and taking an alkalising supplement, I can help you get back to a healthy state, where you will have increased energy, less aches and improve your general wellbeing.
  • The most accurate way of assessing body pH is through urine testing. This can be done in a consultation with me. The results speak for themselves, and you could be back to a healthy level in a few short months.

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Good luck!