Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers To The Nutrition Questions You’ve Been Wondering About

When it comes to struggling with getting your nutrition right, you’re not alone! Plenty of our clients come to us the same questions. Check out our answers below to see if they can help you. If you still need questions answered, simply give us a call and make an appointment at our clinic in Berwick.

Boost Your Health

At Sustenance Nutrition Clinic, we can help you choose nutrient rich foods to boost your energy and vitality. Sue is a qualified chef and nutritionist. She can help you shop for and choose the correct foods, prepare them, and plan healthy and easy menus for yourself and your family. Our comprehensive services include cooking demonstrations, shopping tours and label reading. We take the confusion out of healthy eating!

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking a consultation is the first step to beginning a nutrition program. During the first consultation, we will explore your current nutrition and eating habits, as well as determine your health goals and address any digestive issues you may be experiencing. Our experienced nutritionist will then develop a plan for you and explain what is going on in your body.

These plans may include actions on your part such as adjusting the type, quantity, or schedule of your food, taking prescribed nutrition supplements, and/or monitoring your health and food closely. Further appointments with your Qualified Nutritionist will track your progress and adjust your plan as needed.

Q. I find it hard to get to sleep at night and always wake up exhausted

A nutritionist can help make changes to your diet and lifestyle, to reduce your fatigue and improve your quality of sleep.

Q. My friend went on a detox and lost heaps of weight, can you help me do the same.

Yes, a detox is a great way to rid the body of toxins and break some bad habits. A nutritionist can help with a supplementation program and limited diet, to help rid your body of toxins from chemicals and heavy metals and break habits like caffeine and sugar addictions.

Q. I have diabetes, can you treat me for this condition?

No, a nutritionist is not able to treat you for your diabetes that is up to your GP. But, I can help you with a diet plan to make sure that you are eating the correct foods and getting the right amount of all the things you need to compliment your treatment.

Q. I am training for a triathlon, can you help me with my pre competition training?

Yes, I am able to advise you on a diet that will enhance your training commitments and help with workout and post event nutrition and hydration.

Q. How long does a consultation take?

The first consultation takes about 1 hour. This is when I find out your family history, health history and any concerns you have. The second appointment will be when you are given a treatment plan and takes about 30 minutes. This is when I address any of the issues discussed in the initial consultation. The third consultation will take about 30-45 minutes. In this consultation we discuss how the treatment plan is going and discuss any changes that need to be made.

Any follow-up appoint will take approx. 30-45 minutes.

Q. Can I order supplements without a consultation?

No. I use practitioner only supplements that must be prescribed during a consultation. These products are of high quality, and cannot be bought in a pharmacy or health food shop (in most cases).

Q. I have been told to cut out processed food, but what is there left to eat?

Many people feel overwhelmed by having to cook foods for their special diets. I run cooking workshops and shopping tours to help inform you about the foods you should choose and how to prepare them. I have been a chef for 30 years, and have a vast knowledge of cooking, food preparation and places to find the foods you need. Let me show you where to start

Q. I have been gradually putting on weight over the last few years, and no matter what I do I cannot lose weight. Can you help?

Yes, a nutritionist can analyse your diet and come up with an individualised diet plan for you to help you reach you weight loss goals.

Q. I have had heartburn for years, can you help?

Yes, heartburn can be caused by certain foods, medications or lack of stomach acid. Changes to your diet and lifestyle can reduce or eliminate heartburn, and make you feel much better.

Q. I am planning to get pregnant, can you help me choose the right foods so I have the best chance of conception.

Yes, I can help both you and your partner through diet and lifestyle changes, to be the healthiest possible, and give you the best chance of becoming pregnant.

Q. I have reached menopause and seem to have put on weight around my mid section, can you help me to feel better about the changes I am going though.

Yes, there are some supplements, diet and lifestyle changes, I can help you. There are many tips I can give you to help with these changes, from hot flushes and mood swings to weight gain

Q. Do you prescribe supplements?

Yes, but not to all clients. You may not need supplements if you can change your food intake to address any deficiencies or deficient in your diet. Sometimes a supplement is necessary to address a certain condition or issue you may be experiencing.

Q. I have recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease. What does this mean and can you help me?

Coeliac disease is an allergy to a protein in Wheat, barley and rye. Yes. I can help you find ways to change your diet and give you strategies on how to avoid wheat, what to look for on food labelling and how to choose the correct foods to heal you digestive tract.