Iron depletion is a continuous process that ultimately results in iron deficiency anaemia if untreated. Iron deficiency anaemia is a condition where iron is depleted to such an extent that the manufacture of haemoglobin and red blood cells is limited. It is associated with symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, breathlessness, and impaired aerobic capacity. It is easy to confuse many of these symptoms with conditions such as the flu, overtraining or ‘being run-down’.

One-off blood tests are difficult to interpret when it comes to iron status. Correct diagnosis requires an assessment of habitual dietary intake, clinical symptoms and ongoing monitoring of blood levels. A number of factors are usually taken into account when assessing iron status. A skilled practitioner is needed to accurately assess iron status. Many athletes have routine blood monitoring to assess iron status. Iron depleted athletes can quickly develop iron deficiency anaemia if not detected early. Regular monitoring allows the sports physician to keep track of individual changes and trends.

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