Get Expert Advice from a Qualified Nutritionist

Have you ever felt like you lack energy? Do you suffer from a digestive issue that makes it difficult to absorb the nutrients you need? Is maintaining your ideal weight a constant struggle for you? Are you currently or about to become pregnant?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you could benefit from consulting with a qualified Nutritionist.


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Boost Your Health

At Sustenance Nutrition Clinic, we can help you choose nutrient rich foods to boost your energy and vitality. Sue is a qualified chef and nutritionist. She can help you shop for and choose the correct foods, prepare them, and plan healthy and easy menus for yourself and your family.

Our comprehensive services include cooking demonstrations, shopping tours and label reading. We take the confusion out of healthy eating.

Book A Consultation

Booking a consultation is the first step to beginning a nutrition program. During the first consultation, we will explore your current nutrition and eating habits, as well as determine your health goals and address any digestive issues you may be experiencing. Our experienced nutritionist will then develop a plan for you and explain what is going on in your body.

These plans may include actions on your part such as adjusting the type, quantity, or schedule of your food, taking prescribed nutrition supplements, and/or monitoring your health and food closely. Further appointments with your Qualified Nutritionist will track your progress and adjust your plan as needed.

Diet Plans

Received tailored diet plans from a qualified Nutritionist and chef.

Cooking Workshops

Indulge in a two-hour workshop to learn how to prepare and cook healthy food, simply and quickly for yourself and your family.


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After years of trying I lost 30kg in just over 6 months with Sustenance Nutrition. No crazy fads, no excessive exercise, just good nutrition. I could’t recommend Sue highly enough. Thanks Sue!

Sue was amazing, she helped me to understand my condition and what certain foods did to me. She tailored a diet to suit my individual needs. The changes weren’t huge and I found that I could easily adopt them. After seeing Sue, I have managed to lose 30kg in just over 6 months, through proper nutrition and guidance. No excessive exercise. No crazy fads. Just the right foods for my body.

I went to see Sue to sort out some annoying chronic skin, hair and nail conditions I was experiencing as well as to get advice on eating a balanced diet to maintain my health, weight and vitality as I am now in my fifties. Within one session Sue quickly identified a significant mineral deficiency I had and within two sessions she had identified a skin condition I had had for several years that had been a mystery to doctors and other health professionals. Sue is very knowledgeable and was extremely thorough not only in researching my dietary habits, history and family history but also in identifying the underlying issues causing my problems and simple healthy ways of addressing the issues, without drugs. Medications only mask symptoms and can result in more debilitating side effects than the original condition. If you are a person suffering from any chronic health issues, weight gain or even mental health issues or you just want some sound health advice or to improve your vitality then you must go and see Sue.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our fish cooking workshop on Saturday. The time flew by, we felt very relaxed and welcome. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious, you were patient and explained everything clearly. We picked up many tips, including how to extend cooking by leaving the lid on and steaming the dish for a few minutes, where to buy a good inexpensive knife and how to wash bok choy efficiently. We also went shopping to buy some of the ingredients, used in the class, to use at home. Thanks so much again, we will be coming back.

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